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PLEASE KNOW, New 4 You does not accept Linens, Clothing, Window Treatments,Bed Coverings, Entertainment Units, TV Armoires, Large Dining Sets, Childrens Toys, DVD’s or CD’s, and Dated or Worn Products, All pieces must be CLEAN and in good condition. Our Goal is to obtain the best price for your items.

The most convenient way to inquire if we will consign your item(s) is to email us a picture with some specific information below.

This ensures that we are able to determine the best price before you come in with your item(s), and that we will accept the items.

Email us with the following information

       • Full Name

       • Daytime Phone Number

       • Brief Discription of Item

       • Brand or Label Name

       • Amount Originally Paid

       • Condition 1-10 (10 is Best)

       • Attach a Well Lit, Close Picture

We will get back to you within 24 hours to accept or deny the item(s) and schedule a drop-off time. We do offer pickup services for a small charge.

Not so tech savy? Not to worry,

You may also inquire by Phone to review the information above.

Call 727-736-1037

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